SJ-SPARES specialize in high quality affordable new parts. We source original and replacement parts + accessories for most vintage classic and modern tractors.


We believe in selling parts at affordable prices without losing out on any of the quality, we try to sell everything at the smallest mark-up possible to keep everyone happy and coming back time and time again 

Company Overview 

SJ-SPARES is a small family run business that with the help of friends has been selling worldwide since the start of 2013


When we started we were limited to a very small amount of parts, we now have access to over 35,000 good high quality non-genuine parts as well as working alongside several main dealers to give the customer the genuine option as well. We are always adding new products to our eBay store and will have a dedicated tractor e-commerce website live in the beginning of April 2014. 

Keep checking back for more new products and if there is anything you wand but cannot find either on our eBay store or on our website do not be afraid to drop us an email and we will be straight back in touch.

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